Quick Hashtags for status update on Facebook, twitter, and instagram (aka #quickhashapp)

Our focus

Create simple games and useful apps for all users.

Fastest Follow

iOS Only


  • Universal App
  • App Type: Application
  • Easy to use
  • Thousands of followers
  • Advance Refund System
  • Perfect for Promoting
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iOS Only


  • Universal App
  • App Type: Application
  • Quick Select #
  • Hashtags for Status Update
  • Track favorite hashtags
  • Advanced Photo Editor
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Divide Puzzle

iOS & Android


  • Universal App
  • App Type: Game
  • Simple yet challenging
  • Game Center enabled
  • Post Score to Facebook
  • Challenge friends.
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About US

We are a small company located in Washington State. We strive to create and deliver the most up to date apps to help you stay with the latest Tech Trend.
Our Upcoming apps and Available Apps for iOS & Android.

Our mission is to create simple games and useful apps for all users. Our latest available app is Fastest Follow on Instagram. We are Waiting for Review by Apple on our new app "QuickHashApp" for all iDevices.

  • Fastest Follow (iOS only)

    Fastest way to get thousands of followers on Instagram to promote yourself or your work. STATUS: Available Now

  • Escape Earth

    A simple tapping game where you have to manage to guild this Alien through a series of spiders. How far can you go? STATUS: Available on Google Market and iTunes App Store.

  • #QuickHash (IOS ONLY)

    We are creating an app where you can post your message to multiple walls (FB, TW, INSTAGRAM) at the same time with build-in hashtags. Once type # will sort the most up to date hashtags and available for you to select. STATUS: Waiting for Review

  • Divide Puzzle (IOS & ANDROID)

    Like 2048 game? This one is more fun and easier to play. Start with 3 numbers and every time you move a number, it will split in half. Line up 5 in a row, diagnally will eliminate the row and total points for that row. STATUS: Available and FREE

Our Team

Small team, big dreams.
Huong Le
Two jobs, Twins & an app developer.
Brockle Tech
Mobile Game/Applications for iOS and Android

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