Quick Hashtags for Status Update on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Info)

Check out the app in action:

Hashtag is one of the latest way people label/trend something or an event. But which hashtag is trending if you don’t know which one to use.
With Quick Hashtags, you get thousands of pre-loaded hashtags for quick select. As you type your status, you can use the symbol “#” and the first letter of the hashtag, it will pull up all available and trending hashtags starting with that letter for you to select. You don’t have to type the whole hashtag and waste your time. Imagine doing 10 hashtags in 3 seconds or less. You can also post a picture along with your status and hashtags to all walls.

Why type the whole status with the hashtags all over again for your other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when you can use Quick Hashtags to post to all 3 Social Networks at once. One click would post to all 3 walls. With an option of “Muli-Accounts”, you can add all of your accounts in the app and select which ever account to post the status.


*** Thousands of pre-loaded trending Hashtags ***

*** One post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram walls consecutively***

*** Turn wall ON/OFF to post status ***

*** Post image along with status update with hashtags ***

*** Multi-Accounts supported for all 3 Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) ***

*** Quick select hashtags by using “#” and first letter of any hashtags ***

*** Store new hashtags if not available on first use ***

*** Store last 10 Statuses for next status update ***

*** Store world top 10 hashtags used ***

*** Store your top 10 hashtags used ***

*** Track any hashtag for number of times used ***
#QuickHash is an app created by Brockletech and in no shape, form or associated with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram APIs are used to provide such service.

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